unexpected pain relief

From: Mary (acbcsrt@kansas.net)
Mon Sep 27 22:07:04 1999

I had unexpected pain relief and wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar. Like so many of you here, I have known from experience that exercise....even just walking...always has seemed to aggravate my pain. Two weekends ago we went to Chicago for a fun time with our favorite traveling friends. And we walked...and walked...and walked. The social pressure of being with a group...and it was a fun bunch....and a drink here and there....made me keep moving. We estimated that we walked 6-8 miles a day for three days. To my surprise, rather than feeling worse like I do after walking a mile or two, I felt much much better. I came home and have been walking at least an hour a day and the relief seems to be holding. Any ideas or reactions? I read the posts every day...Thanks everyone for being there. Mary

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