From: Ginny King (
Tue Sep 28 17:49:29 1999

I forgot to mention earlier that I have found the MSM to be helpful with keeping things regular. (I believe others have stated this experience as well.) With Crohn's, I can't take the laxatives that others do because of the tendancy towards bleeding and diarrhea, but with the adhesions and partial bowel obstructions, when things don't move the pain is horrible as you all well know. Since taking the MSM I have not had any problems with either diarrhea or constipation and I believe that has helped keep the pain to a minimum. I agree that maybe the constant pain is causing toxins to build up in our bodies. I have never had the aches and general fatigue like I have experienced the past six months and feel it is due to beeing in pain for so long that my whole body has reacted. I know that when I have tried massage therapy in the past that I always throw up after a session. My therapist told me it is because of all the toxins that are released with massage. Here's to keeping an open mind! Ginny

At Mon, 27 Sep 1999, godfrey wrote: >
>Helen, Ginny, Chris et al:
>I have been giving the MSM a 'skeptical try' and I have to tell you,
>within one week, I have noticed a marked improvement in the overall
>ache and pain department. Hats off the MSM ladies and gentlemen!
>Also, I would like to toss out a theory for you to mull over and post
>feed back on:
>Given that with adhesions your bowel does not operate properly or
>necessarily in a timely would follow that the retention of
>waste products in your system would promote adverse growth of bacteria,
>etc.--wouldn't it? Then, would your body develop additional aches and
>pains from toxins built up in your own intestines, absorbed into your
>blood stream, and transported here, there and everywhere??!
>It might just be another of my wild hair theories, but it does make me
>Also, Igor, I am curious to know where you are located; also if you or
>someone you know is an adhesion sufferer; and whether or not you are
>affiliated with the medical profession, and if so, in what capacity.
>Wishing everyone improved health and good cheer!

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