From: toni welsh (
Tue Sep 28 17:25:38 1999

Honey, I cannot remember your name but I remember talking to you before. That is my gyns worry, because the last laparoscopy he tried to do he could not get i, or he was just planning a lap for me. But the adhesions I am dealing with are all an inch or thicker, he said they are more like someone has filled me with crazy glue. I am scared to death to have another laparotomy, after 2 lat year, as long as the gyn and general surgeon wrk together. I have always had alot of faith in my gyn. he said he and the general surgeon would be there together. Then with all the bowel involvement the yn feels he should be there.

I am not seeing him yet, my gyn said he has talked to him about me, and he said that adhesions only get worse the dense they get, The pain meds help me function, but moving around too uch up and down hurts.

Keep me informed about when you are having your surgery. The drs are trying to wait for me for hopefully the new barriers!


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