Re: Male

From: Patrick Dixon (
Mon Sep 27 16:13:12 1999

At Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Sharonda Moore wrote: >
>Hi Patrick,
>I also live in Atlanta. Who have you had surgery with?
>>Sharonda, nice to fainaly find some one from Atlanta. All of my nine surgeries where done in Arkansa, But since I was laid off from work and am receving disability I have moved back home.Are you also disabled from adhesions. I'am going to a really good pain clinic at Saint Joe's hospital. They say all they can do is keep me out of pain. Who has been doing all your surgeries? It is nice to find some one to talk to about this. It is a pain talking to people who do not have a clue on what is going on. Most of my family wont lisen any more. From: (Patrick Dixon)
>>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>>Subject: Male
>>Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 22:37:56 -0500
>>Why does it seem like I'am the only male in here. I know that Adhesions
>>are mainly found in ladies. So why me. I have had 10 surgeries. 1 for
>>my Appendixs and then 9 more surgeries for adhesions.

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