Re: Male

From: Ginny King (
Sat Sep 25 12:33:33 1999

Hi Patrick,

Welcome to the forum. So sorry to hear you have so many problems. I hope that you will continue to post as this is a terrific site for information and support. I think it is also worthwhile to have a male perspective. So many people can't understand what you go through with adhesions. Have you gone to a pain management clinic? I'm from Atlanta as well and have just been referred to the pain clinic at St. Josephs hospital. I've heard they are good but have not gone yet for my first appointment. Good luck and keep the faith. Ginny

At Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Patrick Dixon wrote: >
>Why does it seem like I'am the only male in here. I know that Adhesions
>are mainly found in ladies. So why me. I have had 10 surgeries. 1 for
>my Appendixs and then 9 more surgeries for adhesions.

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