any advice?

From: jenny (
Sat Sep 25 11:03:15 1999

Hello again. I've not posted for a while, but I've read all your postings everyday. What a lot of pain there is out there! Some of you seem so disabled by it. I've been lucky and have managed to continue to work with very little sick time so far. I was wondering if you all developed your pain from adhesions immediately after surgery, or if for some it took a number of years. My pain has returned after a 9 year gap. Adhesions have never been officially diagnosed, but as I've had them in the past I was presuming that this was what was causing my pain. In the last month I've developed bowel symptoms as well, that I initially put down to the drugs I was taking, but perhaps this is not the case. I'm on tramadol, diclofenic, and sertraline. Hope that you've all had a relatively pain free weekend. Jenny

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