From: Patrick Dixon (
Thu Sep 23 17:08:40 1999

I'am a 33 year old male and have 9 surgeries for adhesions. My first surgy was for the Appendixs. I have 2 layers of mesh in for hernians. I have been told by my Doc. that part of my stomach , all of my intestions and my liver are stuck to the abdominal wall and the mesh. He said that the type of Adhesions I have { Dense Cohesive } that there was nothing he could done. I'am worried that the organs that are stuck may get infected. He also said that if he does surgey that it is going to make me worse than I'am now. Well today I'am in a wheel chair because it hurts so bad to stand walk or even move. He said all he can do is keep me out of pain by giving me Morphine.

Is there anybody out there in the world that can help me. I'am so sick and tired of this. All I want to do is get off disability and go back to work.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

        Patrick Dixon

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