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From: Sharonda Moore (
Thu Sep 23 14:35:32 1999

Its kind of hard to separate experience from years. You can't get good knowledge without practicing for at least a few years and learning some techniques. It's not to say that young doctor's don't know anything but its best to visit one that specializes or has seen it alot.

I hate to slight the doctors that don't have web pages but its hard to research what a doctor knows, if he/she is telling the truth when they say they have alot of experience (and they really don't). I had a lap with a doctor that burned some endo off but he didn't really know what he was doing because I have recently discovered that excising (cutting) it out is the best way. With doctors like Redwine or Albee you can see that they have dealt with through many patients.

The most important thing is to make sure they aren't just ob/gyn's b/c the likelihood of them having experience with adhesions is low. Another option is to gather your medical files and pictures and send them to one of the experts like Albee or Redwine and have them give you a medical opinion about surgery. I know from a few people that had surgery with them, they take even Stage IV with lots of adhesions.


>From: (crm)
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>Subject: need help
>Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 13:34:33 -0500
>Hello Everyone,
>I finally got someone to listen and I am going to be able to see a
>cilivan doctor. I can choice the doctor, now here is my first question,
>what do I look for in a doctor, is it years in practice or how many
>times he has dealt with adhesions. My second question what questions
>should I ask.I have been trying to get military doctors to listen but it
>has not worked they turn me away as soon as adhesions are told to them,
>the reason for the second doctor is to find out if another surgery would
>be possible.

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