gyn yesterday

From: toni welsh (
Tue Sep 21 10:02:07 1999

I am not on here alto for awhile, but I have ad ALOT of faithin my gyn for 6 years, he did all the surgeies last year, and the laparascopy in aug, where he could not get the scope in. He told me he talked to a geeral surgeon about my case, annd they both agrred that all that could be done is surgery if things are getting worse. He knows the pain clinic is not working, and he also said that the narcotics are causing alot of te constipation. I told him I have been worse sine seeing them, and all they have done is run me ragged running back and forth to counselors and PT. The general surgeon said that they could go in and do a laparotmy, and use the seprafim, and my gyn would lyse the adhesios, knowing I will not go into surgery without him, but he would defintely want a generals surgeon there do to all the bowel invovement.

He knows I am not ready for that right now, and he told me and my husband that he too would like to wait til the FDAwould approve a new barrier, but right now even wrapping the bowels with seprafilm is no guarantee, and I told the gyn last year, I will not go through this again, he told me then he does not want to do it again. But I have cut back on oxycontin, and I am in alot of pain again, but I know now that the 2 drs will try to help me. The family thing is making me smaoke so much, and the onl thing that helped me quit last year was Zyban, now On trazadone, I cannot take this. I would not even go under as many as I am smoking now! I am VERY scared of anmre surgery, but the general surgeon said too yu cannot let her go on like this, I enjoy NOTHING , without pain, at least I have found 2 drs who KNOW adhesions cause severe pain. The pelvic exam again sent me off the table when the dr pressed on the lower pelvis, especailly my right side. Not looking forward to more surgery, but what are we supposed to do!

They do think the pain in legs and hips are the tightness from the adhesios, and pulling on the bowels.

I will be back later, and am thinking of all of you, wis I had more time to talk to you girls again!


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