Chris Mulligan

From: Peggy (
Tue Sep 21 09:40:44 1999

Hi Chris,As far as diet I just cut down on food on my own.I eat watermelon and cantelope for breakfast and for lunch I was having A yogurt but the yogurt seems to cause me some constipation so I have been staying away from it.I have some other fruit instead.Example-plums ,pears, grapes etc. The pain management Dr. started me walking 1 mile 2 times a day,Right now my husband and I are walking about 3-4 miles a day split between 2 walks.He also wanted me to swim starting me out doing 4-5 laps of the breast stroke 3-4 x's a week I am currently doing 10 laps 3-4 x's a week depending on the weather.Of course now that the weather is getting colder I have to join the local community center to be able to swim.As far as dinner I eat what I normally did just smaller servings.But I would not be able to walk or swim without the medications that I am taking.So I am thankful to this Dr. for that.I need to go for now but will be back on later."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

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