Re: Switching pain management Drs.

From: toni welsh (
Tue Sep 21 10:13:03 1999

At Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Peggy wrote: >
>Hello Everyone,I haven't been on in awhile I have been busy.I went to
>the pain management Dr. last Tuesday and have decided to change Drs. He
>has helped me as far as the pain but he is a very arogant{sp} and
>egotistacle{sp} man.He is very smart and uses big words that I don't
>know the meaning of some of them and when questioning him on them he
>makes me feel like I am very stupid.This is not the kind of Dr. anyone
>needs.I am taking klonopin 0.5 mgs 1/2 a tablet 3 x's a day and he told
>me that he could give me a script for 1/2 the mgs that I have and that
>way I wouldn't have to cut the pills in half.well I must have looked at
>him wrong because he snapped back and said " oh forget it I'll leave it
>the way it is that way you won't get confused". I was like whatever.I
>was summoned for jury duty and asked him for a written excuse so I
>wouldn't have to go serve,Due to the medications that I am on.I get very
>tired,Last month he told me that I have to be in bed no later than 9:30
>pm and sleep until 7:00 am and take a 1 hour nap in the afternoon.Now
>all of a sudden he tells me that 6 hrs. sleep a night should be plenty
>for an adult my age.I will be 40 tomorrow.I talked to the commissoner of
>courts and it was a woman,she was very sypathetic and could not believe
>that the Dr. would not write a note to excuse me.She told me that if my
>Dr. would not look out for me that she would and excused from jury duty
>for at least 1 1/2 years possibly permanetly due to a health problem.I
>thanked her and said so I don't have to report on the 27th and she said
>no you don't you can spend that time finding yourself a new Dr. I could
>not believe how understanding she was about the situation and needless
>to say very pleased.When we left the office my husband commented that
>this Dr. is nothing but an idiot.I spoke to my primary care Dr. today
>and he is going to get me a referral to a pain management Dr. that he
>had recommended to me in the beginning.He said that someone from his
>office would call me later today and try to set up an appointment with
>the new pain management Dr. sometime next week so that I don't get
>messed up with the meds. I haven't heard from anyone as of yet it is
>4:53 right now,If I don't hear from them today I will call thier office
>tomorrow.I had also mentioned to the pain management Dr. that I was
>having breakthrough pain with the 1/2 doses that I take and he told me
>that instead of increasing the meds he wants me to increase my activity.
>He wanted me to lose 20 3 months and so far I have lost about
>18lbs since I started seeing him July 19th so it has only been 2
>months.No good job! keep it up or anything as a matter of fact the scale
>was broken and he knew it but he was still weighing patients in on it.He
>had no nurse there that day so he had me fill out the paper that the
>nurse usually does and had me weigh myselve in.My appointment was for
>3:00 he came out and said he was running behind,he would be 20 minutes
>with one patient and 10 minutes with another than he would get to me.I
>went into the room about 3:45 he came in around 4:00 and I was out of
>there at 4:20.They had called me the day before and said that there was
>2 cancellations Each 1 hour and asked if I could go in earlier for my
>appointment.I couldn't make it earlier and called them to tell them and
>the receptionist said she had filled the appointmnts anyway so that was
>fine.One of the appts.that they filled it with was a new patient which
>takes 3-4 hours.So he was going back and forth between patientswhich is
>one thing that I do not like,I feel that when it is my appointment it
>should be my appointment and he should be focused on me not running here
>and there like a chicken with his head cut off .Well Sorry this was so
>long I had to vent how I felt and I feel better now.Thanks for taking

Hi peggy, you know I am frustrated as hell with the pain clinic I see, I am taking 900 mgs Neurotin, 100 mgs trazadone, 1o mgs oxycontin three times ady, 200 mgs celebrex, and zantac, no avail for pain, and I have felt worse I am fighting taking the oxycontin now,it has been over 24 hours, and I canot stand it, but they are npw planning more surgery for me, as I said the gyn and general surgeon had worked together with another patient my gyn had, and I am scared to death of anymore, he even said that I could end up losing part of the bowel, very high risk, due to the act they did not know where it was last year. I am a walkig drug store, and I feel like sh-t! I believe now the drugs will not help me! How re ou doing on klonopin, I heard of that and was wondering why they never tried it for me!

Toni wanting off narcotics BAD! So does my gyn. Help!

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