duphalac syrup not working now

From: toni welsh (twelsh1@webtv.net)
Fri Sep 10 12:52:00 1999

does anyone have any more ideas about your bowels moving? The duphalac was working really god as the senekot was for a year, now I have taken 6 tablespoons te last 2 nights, and the bowels are NOT going again, I do not know if I should try to go back on senekot for awhile, te duphalac is a lax you can take forever and not do damage to the bowels.

The pain gets worse when the bowels dont move, and last week I took a fleet enema, which cleaned me out, but then I had taken the syrup,and some thing didgusting happened to me, this is terrible, seems like the fleets get them open and they never used to hurt so bad, now they cramp me to the poit I double over for about an hour this is gettng on my nerves, and do not know what to do. The last time they over laxatived me per say! STRUGGLING terribly!


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