Re: duphalac syrup not working now

From: Sharonda Moore (
Fri Sep 10 14:19:28 1999

One suggestion - mineral oil - it is natural. Colorless, odorless - mix it in your orange juice (tried it with a few others, oj is the best). It won't mix completely b/c it is still an oil but you won't taste it. Works within 24 hours and naturally. You can buy it anywhere - grocery store, walmart, etc. and its very cheap (usually near alcohol and other health aids).


>From: (toni welsh)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>Subject: duphalac syrup not working now
>Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 12:52:27 -0500
>does anyone have any more ideas about your bowels moving? The duphalac
>was working really god as the senekot was for a year, now I have taken 6
>tablespoons te last 2 nights, and the bowels are NOT going again, I do
>not know if I should try to go back on senekot for awhile, te duphalac
>is a lax you can take forever and not do damage to the bowels.
>The pain gets worse when the bowels dont move, and last week I took a
>fleet enema, which cleaned me out, but then I had taken the syrup,and
>some thing didgusting happened to me, this is terrible, seems like the
>fleets get them open and they never used to hurt so bad, now they cramp
>me to the poit I double over for about an hour this is gettng on my
>nerves, and do not know what to do. The last time they over laxatived
>me per say! STRUGGLING terribly!

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