From: toni welsh (
Fri Sep 10 11:48:10 1999

have not been able to post alot as of late, betwen pain clinic and counseling, and PT, I have no time for me!

When I saw pain dr this week, and he talked about the pelvic ain that has been going on, he had talked about the pain and stiff ness in my whole body, and said it sounded to him more like fibromyalgic pain. I told the dr my first complaint last year was the pain in my legs, and the gyn took the last ovary out b/c it was laying on the on the muscle and the bowels were all shited to the right smothering the ovary, and stuck to the muscle in the leg, so they thought I would have relief after this. The pain is stikk pretty bad very low in the pelvic area, even with the meds I take, I asked them if the neurotin may be causing this, and he said no , but they are trying to wean e off that and keep me on the oxyconti and trazadone, and pt.'

I told him that definitely the stiffness in the morning is so bad that it is hard to get out of bed, and after I o, it is very hard to walk, until I get around and things loosen up. I am so tired of feeling bad and not a day goes by without me crying, daily routines are getting very hard, bit I di it anyway!

I wish someone would let me know more about FB, if you are familiar with it at all, the drs are defintely leaning there. They said the trigger pints are not all theere, but sometimes it progresses, I need to know if there is anyone out there who has this, or knows someone who does, as far as the symtoms, he said I do have most of them!

Help if you know, I see gyn in a week, and I know he will talk to me, he mentioned it last month, and so did m GI dr, the pcp dr has not even checked into anything, I am disgusted with him,a pat on the back, ad hope you feel better, is not goig to help soeone who feels really bad!


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