Re: Saw the surgeon today regarding adhesions-Ginny

From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Sep 1 07:46:59 1999

At Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Ginny King wrote:

>>Hi Ginny:
>>I am curious about a few things you have said in your post. Maybe your
>>explanations can help me figure a few things out about myself.
>>First, why does your surgeon doubt that the pain in your right side is
>>due to crohn's, when this is the area it typically presents pain in? Was
>>it because the biopsies did not show crohn's in this area? Is this the
>>area that you are still having pain in, while the other areas are
>>improving on the medication?
>>I can't remember the history you gave when you joined the forum. Was
>>this right side the area you had adhesions in? How do you know you still
>>have adhesions? (I'm assuming you had a lysis done)
>>Why don't you think that your spinal problems (which you know you have)
>>can be causing the right sided pain? This is the area that I had the
>>severe pain in during the time I was taking the step aerobic class. I
>>would have described it as a crushing, burning diffuse pain in the right
>>lower quadrant, nothing that I could trace. It might be helpful if you
>>kept a diary of your activities and degree of pain. It might also be
>>helpful if you stopped playing tennis and see if the pain improves any.
>>I know I have not had one of these pain attacks since I stopped the
>>aerobics. I would think that if you have spinal arthritis you are going
>>to have pain after a sport like tennis and it is common for that pain to
>>be referred into the pelvis. They might tell you this at the pain
>>management clinic as back problems seem to be a big part of their
>>Chris S.
>Hi Chris,
>The biopsy did not show inflammation of the terminal ilium which is
>typical with right sided pain and Crohn's. Because of the
>"burning,tearing" sensation he believed the pain was adhesion related
>instead. I have had the adhesions lysed in the past and they were in
>the right abdominal area and covered the appendix as well. I do not
>have the "rubber band" type adhesions in this area like I do from my
>surgical scar areas but the web type that can from an infection. I
>guess the other reason he made this assumption is because of the point
>specific pain and guarding of this area on my right side when he
>pressed. Yes, I have found relief of my other symtoms with the
>medication, but nothing is touching the right side pain. I have not
>ruled out spinal problems and Crohn's as the cause, and I'm not sure he
>has either and that is why he is going to discuss my case with my PCP
>and GI and is considering the pain clinic instead of surgery. I don't
>want surgery again and he is only considering it as a possibler
>alternative, not for relief of the pain, but to see what, if anything
>else they may be dealing with (ie the regrowth of adhesions) Like I
>mentioned before, he doesn't seem to be too hot on surgery for adhesions
>if that is the problem. When you have the right side pain, do you have
>a specific point that they can touch in your abdominal area that will
>duplicate the pain? I am going to take your advice regarding a diary of
>the pain (advice another good friend also gave me) and of my diet to see
>if I can really detail what aggravates the situation. I think it will
>be good therapy for me as well. I am open to all ideas and appreciate
>your input (and your right, I may have to give up the tennis). Take
>care. Ginny

Hi Ginny: I guess that makes your right sided problem a bit different than mine- I only have very slight tenderness when the right lower quadrant is pressed. This has baffled the doctors. I describe it as when they press they are pressing against something which is then pressing against something else way deep in my pelvis. So I feel slight tenderness way inthe background somewhere. This makes me wonder if they are causing pressure against my spine when they do this. The odd thing is that it was my right side where my colon was attached to the pelvic wall. But I really don't think this is the problem as it has probably been attached that way for 20 years. You may not have to give up tennis forever-I was just suggesting it as a way to see if your pain improves. My experience was dramatic and it was only then that I began to think of the possibility of other things causing the pain. But I would think that if you have the problem with your spine that you know about it would be affected by any jarring type of exercise. (unlike swimming) For the burning in your mouth, have you tried an SLS-free toothpaste? THere is evidence that some people have any allergy to Sodium lauryl sulfate-an ingredient used in virtually every toothpaste on the market as a foaming agent. Rembrandt makes an SLS free product. However, in my area of the country they have stopped carrying it. I could order from the manufacturerbut I get by on the supermarket brand of baking soda toothpaste. The SLS products are expensive and have a very strange feel to them-they don't foam! It kind of feels like brushing with spearmint gum. But you might find an improvement with your mouth problem. Most toothpastes-cooling gel, tartar control, etc. are way too strong in general for anyone with mouth sensitivy but apparently an allergy to the SLS is also common.


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