Pain Clinics - Medications for Chronic Pelvic Pain

From: Helen Dynda (
Sat Jun 26 21:04:51 1999

I don't know if reading about a pain clinic will be of any help to you and others who are dealing with the pain of adhesions; but it may help you understand how a pain clinic functions and what you can expect from a pain clinic.

Here is the web site which will give you some information about a pain clinic and about medications for chronic pain.: <>

There is a directory at the top of this page which will not only give you information about a pain clinic, but it will also give you good, easy to understand information about the following: 1.) Chronic Pelvic Pain Medications 2.) Prozac Treatment for Chronic Pelvic Pain 3.)TCA Therapy for Pelvic Pain

Click: Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic (at the top of this page). This article will help provide answers to the following questions: 1.) What is the chronic pelvic pain clinic? 2.) What medical tests should be done before coming to the clinic? 3.) What happens at the first visit? 4.) What are the goals of the clinic? 5.) Do we think that your pain is "all in your head"? 6.) What do we do in the clinic?

I offer the above web site only as an example of what happens at a pain clinic. Not all pain clinics offer the same kind of services. There is much more information about pain clinics on the Internet - just enter *pain clinic* on one of the search engines.

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