Re: Good Doctor- But Another Bad Day

From: Ginny King (
Sat Jun 26 18:07:17 1999

At Fri, 25 Jun 1999, Ruth wrote: >
>I saw the surgeon today. I was afraid he would tell me that my pain was
>from diverticulosis or that adhesions don't cause pain (How many times
>have I heard that?). But after spending an hour with me, he said
>adhesions were the source of my pain. He was sure of it. I couldn't
>believe my ears. Somebody who believes me. He also said Dr's hate
>patients with adhesions because they are not rewarding patients. Dr's
>like patients who they can fix and say they healed them and never see
>them again. They don't like patients they 'fix' only to have them back
>in the office in 6 months complaining of the same symptoms all over
>again. So a lot of dr's just push us off to the side because they don't
>want to deal with us. He doesn't want to deal with it either but he
>will if he has to. (At least he is honest). He also said they can do
>only so many laparoscopy's before thr recurring adhesions get so dense
>that they have to resort to laparotomy's. And every time they go in it
>increases the chance for a bowel obstruction. He is sending me to a
>pain management clinic first to see if they can help. He said there is
>a Dr. on staff at the hospital with chronic adhesions that the pain
>clinic has been able to help. I just hope someone can help soon. Today
>was another bad day. My appointment at the pain clinic isn't till next
>Friday. I hope I can make it that long. It is to the point that it
>hurts when I walk (the jiggling from walking hurts, especially going
>downstairs), sit for more than 5 minutes, or laugh-which I haven't been
>doing a whole lot of lately.
>Waiting for relief,


I'm glad you found a doctor who listened to you. I want to tell the next doctor that tells me that adhesions don't cause pain that, right, neither does electrical tape, but tape certain parts of "your" anatomy together and try walking across the room and then tell me that adhesions don't cause pain. Sorry if this sounds ugly, I haven't had a very good day myself. I'll be interested in finding out how the pain clinic works for you and wish you the best of luck. Take care. Ginny >

Ginny King

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