Re: Anesthesia pain clinic

From: toni welsh (
Tue Jun 29 08:31:19 1999

At Sat, 26 Jun 1999, crm wrote: >
>Hello everyone,
>I decided to go back to the doctor because the pain was increasing and i
>could not do nothing, and having 2 kids under the age of 4 hurts the
>body. I was really not looking forward to going, I was already to hear
>you are depressed and need medication, instead i got a little help, the
>doctor said he was sure adhesions were on my left side, but did not want
>to do anything...he asked what I expected and I told him I wanted help
>with the pain since no one wanted to treat the problem and he said he
>would send me to the anesthesia pain clinic.I have tried the pain
>clinic, bio feed back and anti depreesions with no relieve. I feel bad
>about going here because I promised myself I would never go there, that
>I did not want to be on medication, but the pain is getting worse and I
>honestly thought it could not get worse,anything i do causes me alot of
>pain.I was wondering if anyone has been to anesthesia pain clinic and
>could tell me what it is like, at this point all i want to do is get out
>of pain if only for one day I would be happy..thanks for listening......

Yes I am going to pain clinic, and so far I feellike i am feeling somewhat better, but the meds are causing alot of bowe problems, but my GI dr is helping with that. I am takng oxycontin three ties a day, Neurotin three times aday, they are 300 mgs. and to help sleep and depression I take trazadone before bed.

The meds have cause alot of trouble going to the batroom, but the dr is trying to get me on a dose of duphalac syrup, that will move my bowels, it is a RX, but today was the first time I was able to go without any trouble or pain while going.

I see my pain dr today, I had alot of hard right sided pain lat fiday, and I called them and I was crying, I told her I do not understand why I still have pain while taking these drugs, I guess you would call it break through pain, I still feel I have ORS, but my gyn will not do an ultrasound, one of my drs mentioned this due to where the last ovary was and how stuck it was to the bowel, which the first surgery it was all stuck to the right side and was pushong the right ovary onto my muscle in my right leg causing me not to be able to walk.

Bt am rambling on, I too did not want to do this, but I am very fearful now of anymore surgery, the chances of losing part of my bowel now with any more surgery is too high a risk now, so I am trying SO hard to live with the pain I have, when the meds are stopped I do not know what happens thne!

Good luck, and I am thinking of you all but losing my grandmother has taken another toll on me, I have been focusing so much on the weeks we watched her die, and IT was AWFUL. God gave me the strenth to do my farewell to her at her mass, I was crying the whole dceremony, I kept on telling my husband i cannot do it, and when the time came I went in front of everyone, I was strong, and everyone said they could tell that I wanted all to know how I felt about her, I am so glad I had the stregth to do that!


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