leaving for the Adirondacks

From: Peggy (pklippe1@nycap.rr.com)
Sat Jun 26 11:27:00 1999

Hello everyone,

I am going on vacation tomorrow and will be gone for 3 weeks. We rented a cabin up in the Adirondack mountains in N.Y I only live about 50 miles south of the adirondacks. I am still trying to get the referrals to see a urologist, a G I Dr. and pain management specailist.My GYN wants me to see these Drs. because he is worried that he is overlooking something other than adhesions.I will be coming home on the 7th of July for one of these appts.I called my pcp today and asked what the status of the referrals where and the person I spoke to told me that there were no referrals for me in the office as of yet. I told her that I was leaving for vacation tomorrow and if they weren't ready for me to pick up tomorrow then they would have to mail them to me at the place I will be on vacation.She told me she would check into it and call me back today..Well it is now 5:25 and nobody has called me. I don't understand why it is so hard for them to give me these referrals. On the chat last night I told Dr. Wiseman about going to see all these Drs. and he recommended that I ask about pain mapping.I told him that funny he would suggest that.Because we had been discussing pain mapping on the forum.I guess it wouldn't hurt to inquire about this.I was hoping that this vacation would be better than last year as far as the pain but that was too much for hope for.I just want to be able to enjoy life the way i use too as I am sure all of us feel that way.Well this post is long enough I hope that everyone has some relief over the next couple of weeks and will talk too you all when I return.

"Friends that stick together" Peggy

Hello everyone, I am leaving for vacation today,I will be gone for 3 weeks.I wanted to send my prayers and thoughts to everyone.Where we go on vacation is only about 45 minutes away so I will be coming home to go to the urologist appt. on July 7th, If I have the referrals by then.I called my pcp's office yesterday and the woman that I spoke to told me that there were no referrals there for me and that she would check on them and get back to me.Nobody has called me back as of yet.Well I just wanted to wish eveyone the best of luck with thier pain and hope that you are not suffering too badly.I will talk to all when I return.



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