Re: Bad Day

From: Laura Newman (
Fri Jun 25 16:58:05 1999

Ruth, Hang in there, okay?? Sometimes it seems as though for every step you take forward you take 6 back but don't worry, I have to believe we WILL see light at the end of our tunnel!!!!!! But, until then, we have GOT to make the drs. understand our pain and help us with the drugs that were made for people like us (morphine, demerol, etc.) and give us doses that REALLY help, not this "aspirin for a migraine" style of dispensement of pain meds. You need something NOW, and I don't think you or ANY of us are being given what we need. You rest dear, and I hope you feel at least some better this weekend!! All my best, Laura.

>>> Peggy <> 06/24 5:15 PM >>>

At Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Ruth wrote: >
>The pain got so bad yesterday, I decided I couldn't wait till Friday to
>see the surgeon. I drove myself to the urgent care clinic where they
>said either get someone to take you to the hospital or they would call
>911 to get me there. I had a driend drive me. At first they thought I
>had a bowel obstruction, but I didn't. The pain was so bad, it hurt no
>matter where the Dr. touched. They couldn't find anything wrong,
>except that I possibly had an infection. The lab results were not
>conclusive. They gave me the option of staying or leaving. My husband
>has been out of work for 3 months, so naturally I wanted to go home.
>Only problem is they gave me 3 prescriptions to get filled and when we
>went to the pharmacy, we were told our insurance had been cancelled. We
>called the insurance co and they did not know why my insurance had been
>cancelled but it had and they couldn't do any thing about it till today.
>Finally after many calls today, we are reinstated and I got my medicine.
>I'm still really hurting, but not as bad as yesterday. I see the
>surgeon tomorrow. I'm worried that he will discount the adhesions and
>blame all my pain on the infection. But this pain is different from my
>adhesion pain. It is in the same spot, but instead of the gripping,
>pulling, tugging pain, it is a sharp, burning, searing pain. Having a
>bowel movement is excruciating. Time for more vicodyn and back to bed.

Ruth, Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.I hope the pain meds are helping you.Please let us know how you make out at the surgeon tomorrow. Peggy >

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