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From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Fri Jun 25 12:00:02 1999

Be sure to read the following article which I have added to the list from June 23rd. Its web site is listed below. " Awake During Procedure, Patients Identify Source of Pelvic Pain" -

Some well known medical professionals offer their viewpoints on this minimally invasive procedure for identifying chronic pelvic pain - and they agree that Pain Mapping is not for every patient.

<> What is Microlaparoscopy? http://www.ivf.com/microlap.html

<> The following articles are from the Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network which is located at Allentown, PA --> At the LVHHN Search Site: enter: *Conscious Pain Mapping* (Note: The web site here is the same for all three articles.) http://www.lvhn.com/search/

(1.)--<>Chronic Pelvic Pain Needs Physical and Psychological Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment; New Program at Lehigh Valley Hospital - One of Few in Country to Apply "Conscious Pain Mapping" - January 27, 1998.

(2.)--<>Detecting the Cause of Pelvic Pain - Many women suffer for years, not knowing the reason for their discomfort. Three Cases of Pelvic Pain - September/October 1997

(3.)--<>Spirit of Women: Personal Profiles

<>Awake During Procedure, Patients Identify Source of Pelvic Pain


<>Health Facts: Mapping Pelvic Pain - February 2, 1998


<>Steven Palter, M.D. - on Conscious Pain Mapping http://www.obgmanagement.com/pearls/painmap.html

<>John Steege, M.D. - Prepping for Office Laparoscopy http://www.obgmanagement.com/pearls/officelap.html

<> Medical experts put chronic pelvic pain on the map in Denver, April 1998 http://www.obgyn.net/english/pubs/features/cpp_report.htm

<>An interview with C. Paul Perry, M.D., president of the International Pelvic Pain Society, about the organization's progress, goals and vision. http://www.obgyn.net/english/pubs/features/perry_int_0408.htm

<>Microlaparoscopy: "No Stitch - No Band-aid" Surgery - Conscious Pain Mapping http://www.reproductivecenter.com/microlaparoscopy.html

<>Pelvic Pain Often Has Complex Roots - September 10, 1998 http://www.sltrib.com/1998/sep/0901998/Science/51697.htm

<>Pelvic Pain Mapping http://www.wfla.com/health/26.htm

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