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From: Bev (
Wed Jun 23 17:30:28 1999

This is the first part of my response to Ginny's question regarding the probable effects of Message Therapy on adhesions..... I shipped the first response to outter space I guess. This is one reason that I don't get on the forum often, to much for the likes of me to handle....if you copy the second message, and copy this first message, then you can place copy 1 on copy two and have them in the correct thnks to me!

Ginny, i would ask that you take a moment to think about the anatomy of the human body in relationship to the adhesions. To be able to " breakdown " adhesion, whatever that means, one would have to be able to get through a number of tissue layers before " reaching " the adhesions among other things. The internal organs are very well protected by these layers and thus, so are the adhesions in the abdominal cavity. That cavity is surrounded by the innermost layer of tissue called the peritoneum. this layer is responsible for protecting the organs from contamination from external pathogens. And other then penetrating an entrance into through it, it will protect them. No balms, solutions or lotions will enter through that layer to breakdown anything in there, that is the way it was created, and I do have a Dr.s medical support on that one!, think about that meassage thechnique of breaking down that adhesion inside your abdominal will they reach them to break them down? You have a few other layers of tissue for them to contend is a VERY thick muscle called the " abs" ( as we know it ) and then you have a layer of adipose tissue, ( fatty tissue ) and dependent on how " healthy ' one is will determine the thickness of that layer! All this compounded by the fact that most adhesion suffers have a very sensative abdoman that doesn't need anyone pushing around on it OR creating anymore pulling of the organs from the attatched adhesions that is already creating inflamation from the pulling of the adhesions on those organs thus your adhesion pain! For any type of treatment you seek for your adhesions, you must ask questions, ask how they will get the results desired, refferences, ( and check them out personally ) ask for success rates with other adhesion formers, ask how they determine if the treatment has been can they tell, ask, ask, and ask some more! Unless you have lots of money to spend, you will have to be wary of any claims for effective adhesion treatments! Adhesion disorder is just now at the very beginning stages of recognition as a medical condition in and of themselves. We to are on that beginning edge with it, it is up to each one of us to learn everything that we can about our disorder, it is up to each one of us to be aware of what is effective in treating it, ( and anything short of medication has not proven effective anywhere in the world to date! ) and what is not effective, only costly! We are also going to be responsible to educate our own medical care providers as to our disorder and work with them if thier involvement with us is going to prove effective in any way. It is also imparative that we do not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of because we are desperate for help due to our pain and other associating symptoms ( of which there are many! ) There is hope for this disorder, progress is being made, and there are ways to live with it untill an effective treatment or cure is found.....that way is education...that if our hope for now, day to day, untill something better comes up! Can you live with adhesion pain in your life, yes, how, adequite medication taken at the correct intervals, understaning how much you can and connot do physicaly, respecting the fact that you do have this disordr and that is is painfull and can be disabling. Ms is, MD is, some forms of cancer have a disorder that isn't any different then those disorders, your health is greatly comprimised by adhesions, your emotional and psychological self is greatly affected by it, your famly, job, friends, your whole greatly affected by your disorder. To accept those things is a start to finding peace within your pain. It is there, fact, to educate yourself to it is the next step in learning to live with it. Education will help you to not be afraid of it, it is a painfull, challenging disorder, but it is a medical diorder that IS very real, unfortunatly, part of that challenge is to find a medical proffessional who will sustantiate that claim...but non the less, there are many DR.s who are aware of the challenges that we face and are attempting to bring this into the focus of the medical society here in the United States. That is progress when you consider that only 1 1/2 years ago there was NOTHING regarding abdominal adhesions anywhere on the internet!! When I would search for any information on would come up with information on" Industrial Strength Adhesives! " adhesions seemed to boarder on that, but not quite the same! So, progress is being made...the key to living with this disorder is education, our hope lies within ourselves and what we do with that's not going away for awhile, so we do have time to learn about it ......never lose hope, as it is there! Best to all of you! Beverly

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