Re: Continuation to Ginny's question

From: Bev (
Wed Jun 23 15:52:59 1999

did it again...sorry... as I was saying before I so rudly interferred with myself....

The human body has set up this plan to protect itself from invaders from outside of it from getting into that cavity and contaminating our organs...think for a moment what the therapy is claimed to be doing for you as a treatment to releive your pain from adhesions by " softnening them " and possibly making them less restictive on the organs they are attatched to, if this is so, how exactly is that accomplished through therapy? You must ask them how they 1.) reach the adhesions to actually soften them and not disturb your internal organs that are already inflamed and reacting to the adhesional pulling on the attatched organs thus your pain, 2.) How will you feel after the " message " on your already sensative abdoman, 3.) How will they know if the adhesions ARE responding to the claim of what they want to accomplish with them, a Dr. can't even diagnose them without doing a diagnostic laporoscopic surgery, what is thier mehtod of determig how effective the treatment is,,,what is the success rate with adhesion therapy, any refferences...? 4.) do they make a claim to use any message balms, lotions etc...if so, what is that purpose? You now know that NOTHING of a foreign nature is going to get at those adhesions...short of opening you up and pouring it in there, it isn't going to reach one single ahdesion!!! If they claim it will, ask how! 5.) If you look up an adhesion on the net, you will see that adhesions are not just attatched from organ to organ, yes, the ones that hurt are, but anyone who has ever had a post surgical history of dense adhesions, you need to know that it means your intestines are covered with adhesions and it looks like someone dripped wax all over your intestines and it seeped in, around and over them clumping them together and almost indistinguishable from what intestines are supposed to look seperation of the do you " soften " that? If you are looking for message therapy to help you relax and not expect any to be paying for adhesion pain releif, then go for it, but if you are anticipating any knid of adhesional pain releif...will not happen. Again, I will say take this to a message therapy center that claims to be able to help an adhesion sufferer and have them dispute my claim. REMEMBER folks, educate yourself to your disorder and then you can ask the appropriate questions so that you recieve the best possible care that an adhesion former can get, which is challenging enough without being taken advantage of.... I chose to share my opinion on this as it is a pet peeve of mine to see, hear desperatly suffering people taken for a ride! And That is MY opinion, may not be right, but have the therapist prove me wrong as we certainly do need something that is effective in relieving adhesion pain .....I will add that I have found living with adhesion disorder not to be so hopeless, if you just open the door to learning about it, then you can begin to learn to live with it untill something effective comes along, and there are things in the works for it, so progress is being made....every disorder with a medical name and recognition in the medical society started somewhere, adhesion disorder is at the beginning of being recognized as the disorder that it is in and of itself, we are in that beginng with it and it will be part of our responsibility to educate others, medical proffesionals as well. It is imparative that we learn all that we can and then bring it to the attention of others! That is called hope....and we do have that going for us! My best to all Bev

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