Conscious Pain Mapping

From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 23 15:19:30 1999

Well, from what I've read I would think this procedure would not be much fun! I don't think I'd like it done in a doctor's office. Maybe an outpatient surgical unit would be okay. Also, I would be afraid that I wouldn't be able to give the doctor an accurate estimate of the pain. I can't imagine how rating pain on a scale 1-10 is more than only just a little helpful-that's so subjective. I remember in the recovery room being asked if I wanted pain med. I didn't think I did, they asked me to rate the pain and I said "3". Then she said Well, we are aiming for 3 or less. I didn't think I needed any pain med, so knowing that they were aiming for 3 or less, I would then have to say it was at 1. I would think any area they touched in the pelvis would be "painful", how painful would it have to be to be significant to them ?


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