Re: Bad Days again-Ruth

From: Ruth (
Mon Jun 21 05:02:45 1999

At Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:


>Hi Ruth:

>Welcome! Do you think any of your symptoms are because of what adhesions

>are doing to your sigmoid colon? I realize it may be hard to

>differentiate what part of the pain is coming from what part of your

>pelvis but the reason I ask is because this is my specific problem.


I'm sure adhesions is what's causing my pain. I have had this pain so much and it is different then other pains. I got scared when the surgeon did a sigmoidoscopy and stopped it because he couldn't get through because of what he termed a 'very significant mass' in my colon. So I had to have a barium enema and a CatScan. The BE showed I have diverticulosis. Diverticulosis will not cause 24 hour pain 7 days a week. An attack of diverticulitis (which I believe I have had several that Dr's passed off as stomach flu) is totally different. (Even more painful) The CT showed my sigmoid kinked (at the spot we the surgeon thought I had the mass), looped and they think the smalle bowel is wrapped around it. I didn't get the full CT because I had an allergic reaction the the contrast solution I drank the night before. So I only had 1/2 of one dose in me for the CT. I was supposed to drink the full contrast the night before for the large bowel, then drink some more in the morning for the small bowel and have an IV for the other organs in the pelvis. But what little I did have showed the kinks, loops and displacement. My surgeon of course said there is no guarantee surgery will do any good (he believes that is what is causing the pain) or that the adhesions won't come back but right now I'm willing to do the surgery because I'm back to the point where it is hard to function day to day. My kids deserve a mother who isn't grouchy all the time. The surgery usually gives me 4-5 months pain free, then I fell it starting to come back. Then it hits a point (where I'm at now) where I just can't tolerate it anymore.


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