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From: Christine M. Smith (
Sun Jun 20 06:57:15 1999

At Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Ruth wrote: >
>At Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Brenda wrote:
>>Hey guys I am leaving West Virginia for a trip to LA for three weeks to
>>visit my sister, is there anyone out there who could recommend a Dr.?
>Hi! I am new to this forum, but have been following it for a few weeks.
>I have had 4 lysis of adhesions, plus left tube & ovary and hysterectomy
>in last two years. The lysis always helps for a few months, then the
>pain starts coming back. Right now I am in severe pain again. We moved
>and I had to get new Dr's. At first, no one would believe me. I
>finally found someone who did a lot of tests (that I thought was a waste
>of money) and guess what? I have adhesions pulling my sigmoid out of
>place and wrapping it around. Now I have to switch Dr's again because
>my insurance has dropped the hospital he practices at. Anyone know of a
>good Dr in Northern VA, Wash. DC or Baltimore area? You were asking
>about someone in LA. I know of a wonderful DR in Palo Alto which is 400
>miles north of LA. His name is Dr. Kresch and his website is
>If that is too far to go, he may be able to recommend someone in LA. He
>believes in second look surgery, where they go in a week later and do
>lysys again. It is unreal how fast the adhesions grow back, but I have
>videos to prove it. I wound up with third look surgery, two weeks after
>the first because my adhesions were so dense, they couldn't couldn't put
>Interceed in after the second one. I would really recommend calling

Hi Ruth: Welcome! Do you think any of your symptoms are because of what adhesions are doing to your sigmoid colon? I realize it may be hard to differentiate what part of the pain is coming from what part of your pelvis but the reason I ask is because this is my specific problem. My adhesions (if I still have them, don't know) were all around my sigmoid colon and had pulled it over to the right wall of the pelvis and stuck it there, plus it was folded back on itself and stuck at one point. The colo-rectal surgeon I saw said this is not necessarily a problem. He has seen colons that look like they are tied in knots and don't cause a patient any problems at all. I'm wondering if pathology in the area of the sigmoid colon is more responsible for back pain, more so than adhesions in other areas of the pelvis.

Chris >

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