sorry so long...lost grandmother thursday

From: ton welsh (
Mon Jun 21 06:23:09 1999

Hello to all,I have been gone for so longbecause I have taken everylast minute I could with grandma. Last thurs the drs had told my aunt there is someone who is nt letting her go, and to make this short, I was cleaning last thursday, and I said to God in my prayers that I was going to see grandma today, and I culd no longer se her in this painagain.

I got a sudden urge to leave and when I got there I washoping my family would not be htere so I could tell her this, and I found my dad leaving , but my aunt who has told me I have to let her know I will be okay with her dyig, she was suffering terribly, and I kept asking God for one more day.

I ws there for an hour holding her hand and my aunt and I were searching the clouds trying to find pictues, she said lets go smoke a cigarette, and I told m aunt I need 5 minutes. I then tod grandma that I loved her dearly, but I cannot stand to see her suffer this way,by this time she had been on liquid morphine everytwo hours, so she could not respond to us for days except she turned her head my way, I then told her I was ready, and she had to let go and be with grandpa, and mom. they came out to get us 10 minutes later grandma had died after that. My aunt said I needed to accept that as a gift from her! She waitd til I was ready, she knew how much I loved my grandma. we have the visitation tonite and mass, and burial tomorrow, I will see you girls soon, I amhaving a bad day too, with the pain, and the bowels. But I need to get through the loss of grandma, no matter how old she was, I will always remember last thurs. as lond as I live! She waited to know I was okay with it, the rest of family had told her over that last 2 weeks!

Love to all Toni

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