Bad Days again

From: Brenda (
Thu Jun 17 21:41:32 1999

Hello everyone, I have been very sick again. Now they have found a "mass" of adhesions laying on my bladder. It causes cramps, many bathroom trips and even more pain. They found alot of blood in my urine and did all these test IVP, cystostopy, etc.... just to say, "Its adhesions" they were 99.9% sure it was a tumor. I could have told them otherwise. So there is our answer for the qustions on the bladder. Hey guys I am leaving West Virginia for a trip to LA for three weeks to visit my sister, is there anyone out there who could recommend a Dr.? I am desperate. I will keep everyone updated I am not going till the end of July. So if anyone has any suggestions please e-mail me at or reply to this life saving forum.... Thanks again, god bless you all!!!


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