Seeing Dr. tomorrow

From: Peggy (
Thu Jun 17 19:20:20 1999

Hi All, I have been in so much pain the last couple of days I can't stand it.Yes the hydrocodone helps but as you all know it takes about 20-40 minutes to take effect and last about 2 hours,So there is a period of time I just sit and watch the clock and wait until I can take more medication.I called the Dr. today to make an appoinintment for next week,They told me the next appt. was June 30th,I told them that I needed to be seen before then.The nurse called me back and asked me what was going on.I told her that I was having alot of pain on my left side and wanted to get in to see the Dr.,She spoke to the Dr. and I have an appt. for 12:00 tomorrow afternoon.Maybe he can give me a different pain medication.THanks for taking the time to care. "friends that stick together" Peggy

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