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From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Jun 17 06:22:30 1999

At Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Susan Carr wrote: >
>Hi Everyone,
>I've been offline for a while so it's taken me a while to get caught up.
>I apolize ahead of time if someone out there has already asked and
>answered this but here goes. I noticed a post about someone applying
>for disability. How is that going? I applied about two years ago and
>was denied. I am fortunate enough to have a home business that I can do
>my own scheduling with so I don't have to work normal work hours. I
>could never do a "normal job". I have always worked as a
>secretary/bookkeeper up until my first surgery and that's when the
>adhesions started. But our business is not enough to keep up going, we
>definately need some assistance. I would say that adhesions are a
>disability if ever there were one!!! I go in tomorrow for yet another
>ultrasound and on the 29th for a colonoscopy (sp). This is a new one
>for me, I've had a sigmoidoscopy a few years back and I'm very scared,
>apprehensive and nervous. I really shouldn't be because I've been going
>through these test since '89 (my 1st surgery).
>Another question: I went to a pain specialist and he injected me with
>some sort of local anesthesia in my lower abdomen. He said it was to
>test the nerve bundle to see if the pain went away after it was
>deadened. It hurt A LOT! But the pain stayed. Has anyone ever had this
>done? I have asked a fellow adhesion sufferer and she hasn't, so I was
>just curious. Here's to a pain free day to you all. Take Care. P.S.
>Thought this was cute, so I'll pass it on: "CONSCIENCE IS E-MAIL YOUR
>Susan C.

Hi Susan: I can't comment on the disability or the nerve block but I can tell you don't worry about the colonoscopy. After what you've gone through already, this will be nothing. The prep is the worse prt of it. If they try to give you GoLytely-ask them about Fleets Phospho-Soda. Golytely is a gallon jug of clear, sickening liquid and you have to drink it all. Fleets is not much better tasting (kind of like fizzy club soda) but its over much more quickly. There are tips the GI docs office gave me to keep it down-types of liquids to drink with it (rather than the water the instructions tell you)If you need these I can give you them, just let me know. I had no problems with it (Fleets) and it was a very gentle laxative. Golytely is torture. (a whole GALLON> GAG) Mag Citrate should be banned. You should be having the colonoscopy under waht they call "conscious sedation", unlike the sigmoidoscopy. If they aren't going to do this don't have it done with this doctor!!!! Conscious sedation consists of a pain killer and something like valium or versed. I just learned that you can have it done with just the pain killer (like demerol) because I hate having no recollection of the procedure. That gives me the creeps. My husband had it done (demerol and versed) and he said he watched a guided tour of his colon on the monitor with a strange detached feeling, no pain at all. You are able to respond to questions. Of course he had a normal colon with no adhesions pulling on the outside! They had to give me more med because I was "letting them know" it was painful. They did, and I have no recollection of the procedure at all, not even the pain I was having and letting them know about. Really though, I think you will find this procedure tolerable. Godd luck.

Chris >

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