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From: Susan Carr (speedrck@alaska.net)
Wed Jun 16 22:03:33 1999

Hi Everyone,

I've been offline for a while so it's taken me a while to get caught up. I apolize ahead of time if someone out there has already asked and answered this but here goes. I noticed a post about someone applying for disability. How is that going? I applied about two years ago and was denied. I am fortunate enough to have a home business that I can do my own scheduling with so I don't have to work normal work hours. I could never do a "normal job". I have always worked as a secretary/bookkeeper up until my first surgery and that's when the adhesions started. But our business is not enough to keep up going, we definately need some assistance. I would say that adhesions are a disability if ever there were one!!! I go in tomorrow for yet another ultrasound and on the 29th for a colonoscopy (sp). This is a new one for me, I've had a sigmoidoscopy a few years back and I'm very scared, apprehensive and nervous. I really shouldn't be because I've been going through these test since '89 (my 1st surgery). Another question: I went to a pain specialist and he injected me with some sort of local anesthesia in my lower abdomen. He said it was to test the nerve bundle to see if the pain went away after it was deadened. It hurt A LOT! But the pain stayed. Has anyone ever had this done? I have asked a fellow adhesion sufferer and she hasn't, so I was just curious. Here's to a pain free day to you all. Take Care. P.S. Thought this was cute, so I'll pass it on: "CONSCIENCE IS E-MAIL YOUR HEAD GETS FROM HEAVEN."

Susan C.

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