MRI question

From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Jun 17 06:42:19 1999

Hi Everyone:

I have a question for all the MRI veterans out there. Does the fact that I have not heard anything yet (procedure done Monday night) mean that it is most likely normal? It probably wasn't read until Tuesday. I would think that they would call the doctor's office if it showed anything, no? I left a message on the office answering machine to be sure and call me with the results either way so that I can discuss with the doctor what I'm going to do next. Normally I'm not so impatient (well not quite anyway) but I would think with such a high tech, expensive test they would treat it a little differently. In the hospital, results are usually on the charts by the second day after the procedure and in some cases, the next day. Sometimes I dream of being a doctor's office staff member and dream about the wonderful way I would treat patients. Like calling them immediately with results when I know they've been through a long diagnostic ordeal, and just asking them how they are doing. HA, dream on Chris. Although the back discomfort is not gone, I am feeling much better. I have been sitting around the house basically doing nothing, although yesterday I weeded the garden a little. For those of you who have adhesions that affect your back, do you get this response? If you rest and not exert yourself, do you consistently have less pain? I posted on another forum and the doc told me that Crohn's can sometimes present with only "extraintestinal" symptoms. Eye inflammation, joint discomfort (he mentioned sacroiliac, spine and hips) , rashes/lesions Two GI docs have told me no. One, by punching on my abdomen and saying "Nah, doesn't feel like Crohn's" and a negative colonoscopy (which tells him it wasn't in the colon or terminal ileum) and the colo-rectal specialist who didn't consider it at all. (he was into joints) But so far I have had no responses from docs on several forums ( and a neurological forum) about back problems causing only abdominal pain. Looks like something they don't even want to get into! Adhesions is another topic they seem to avoid.

Chris S.

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