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From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Jun 16 19:25:46 1999

I just returned from and where, sure enough, I found several messages there from the ENDO Forum (including one which was directed to me but which I had not previosly seen) and also my story, which I had posted at over a year ago.

As a result of someone, unknown to me, spreading my story on the various search engines, I have received more than 300 responses from people asking for information about adhesions. In my case I decided to turn this negative happening into a positive one.

I have received only one message which accused me of having a motive other than that of sharing information. Had my story not been put on the search engines the people, who requested information from me, would still be looking for information about adhesions and adhesion- related information. In this respect the Internet can be helpful to others.

It would have been far more courteous if the person, unknown to me, would have asked for my permission to use my story first...but...the Internet has become "the tabloid" that enters our living a person can expect most anything to happen. Unfortunately, when privacy is not guaranteed at forums, people do not feel comfortable sharing their feelings and personal information.

At Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Michele wrote: >
>Well, this is interesting....Does anyone have any ideas how this
>Go to
>Click on AOL netfind
>Type in Seprafilm...go to the second page.
>You might wanna find out if this is where you want to be. Interestingly,
>most of the posts have nothing to do with Seprafilm
>Richard, not you at all. Someone did a legitimate search and e-mailed
>---this message is not for any other internet site.

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