Re: complications from adhesions

From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 16 12:19:43 1999

At Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Peggy wrote: >
>At Wed, 16 Jun 1999, sherry wrote:
>>Hello everyone, I am experiencing some new symptoms and I thought
>>someone might be able to relate. Since my last surgery 6 months
>>ago(total hyst.,appendectomy, lysis of dense adhesions everywhere), I
>>have been having crampy pains in my abdomen. I do have pain when I
>>urinate, more so if my bladder is full, and pain when having bowel
>>movements. I am nauseated most days. The impressions I get from my
>>doctors is that these are symptoms of adhesions on intestines and bowel,
>>and there isn't anything I can do about it. Both my pcp and surgeon
>>stress that I have to keep intestines moving. I have never experienced
>>cramping before. Does anyone else go through this? How can anyone go
>>through this day after day without getting depressed? If I don't move my
>>bowels I get extremely bad back pain. Thanks forlistening. Sherry
>Hi Sherry,
>Yes I have had quite a bit of cramping lately,It feels just like
>menstrual cramps.I still have my right ovary and do ovulate but I do not
>know if the cramps are related to my cycle.I am keeping a pain calander
>and when I see my Dr. I will give it to him .Hopefully he will figure
>something out.
>I also have the pain when urinating and having a bowel movement.Today is
>not a good day maybe tomorrow will be better.

Hi Peggy: My gyn told me that most of menstrual pain is really bowel pain. I also have what you are describing but not since I cut back on the fiber. Before I did I would get these attacks that felt *exactly* like menstrual cramps-on both sides of the lower abdomen. So if your intestines are involved this could be what you are feeling-pain from the bowel. The pain I have now (the right lower quadrant and the back pain) is nothing like these menstrual type pains which I haven't had since March. It was an episode of them that started everything off 2 years ago. Woke up one morning out of the blue with severe "menstrual cramps". The only odd thing is that there was no nausea involved. Other than that it felt exactly what I had once experienced. My gyn said it was probably a partial small bowel obstruction from the adhesion I had tying off my bowel. Who knows.

Chris >

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