Re: complications from adhesions

From: Peggy (
Wed Jun 16 11:12:42 1999

At Wed, 16 Jun 1999, sherry wrote: >
>Hello everyone, I am experiencing some new symptoms and I thought
>someone might be able to relate. Since my last surgery 6 months
>ago(total hyst.,appendectomy, lysis of dense adhesions everywhere), I
>have been having crampy pains in my abdomen. I do have pain when I
>urinate, more so if my bladder is full, and pain when having bowel
>movements. I am nauseated most days. The impressions I get from my
>doctors is that these are symptoms of adhesions on intestines and bowel,
>and there isn't anything I can do about it. Both my pcp and surgeon
>stress that I have to keep intestines moving. I have never experienced
>cramping before. Does anyone else go through this? How can anyone go
>through this day after day without getting depressed? If I don't move my
>bowels I get extremely bad back pain. Thanks forlistening. Sherry

Hi Sherry, Yes I have had quite a bit of cramping lately,It feels just like menstrual cramps.I still have my right ovary and do ovulate but I do not know if the cramps are related to my cycle.I am keeping a pain calander and when I see my Dr. I will give it to him .Hopefully he will figure something out. I also have the pain when urinating and having a bowel movement.Today is not a good day maybe tomorrow will be better.


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