Re: Doctor appointment Friday and need support

From: Laura Newman (
Wed Jun 16 11:27:42 1999

Sherry, I, too, am on Neurontin and I have only been going to this guy for one month. He has increased my dosage to 800 mg per 8hrs. and it isn't doing a thing for me. I am thinking strongly about quiting my job and working as a temp, selling the house so my husband doesn't have to worry about the payments and moving into a condo or apartment. I would HATE to give up my beautiful home but you do what you have to do. Hope you feel a little better tomorrow!

>>> sherry <> 06/08 9:57 PM >>>

Hello everyone, This has become such a wealth of information. Thanks to everyone. I have an appointment with my surgeon on Friday and I am feeling a bit frustrated. I have had 7 surgeries, 5 of them laparotomies, in 9 years. I have endured a ruptured tubal pregnancy, I hemorraghed when my intestine was nicked and now have adhesions on bowel and intestines, I have had bowel obstructions, I recently had a hysterectomy due to dense adhesions in my uterus, and I suffer from fibromyalgia. I am very tired of being in constant pain. I am 40 years old and had to quit my high paying job. I have 2 wonderful children and a grandson that I adore. I try to live my life to the fullest but it is increasingly difficult. Everthing I do requires great effort, I hate to get up in the morning because I feel so bad. I'm not ready to have surgery again, it's only been 6 months since the hysterectomy, appendectomy and lysis of dense adhesions. I want to ask my surgeon for some pain medicine that is stronger than the one I take, but I doubt he will do it. My pcp is the one who prescribes my pain meds. and refered me to a pain clinic. The pain Dr. was very rude, made me feel like I was a hopeless case. I ended up taking neurontin which didn't help me. I had surgery shortly after that and didn't go back. I'm sorry so long but you ladies are the only ones who understands how I feel. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. I sure will try. I have a very loving husband and I am thankful for that. Sherry

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