Re: ceived e-mail from a Male adhesion sufferer-Richard

From: Christine M. Smith (
Wed Jun 16 08:31:33 1999

At Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Richard Hagen wrote: >
>I don't know if it was me but I don't remember sending you e-mail. I post
>from time to time because I have been aquainted with Dr. Wiseman and his web
>site for some time. I don't have adhesions but my wife is a bonifide
>sufferer that doesn't get online. So I am the spokesman so to speak(type). I
>have printed out many articles and letters so she is familiar with the forum
>and looks forward to reading. Sometimes it is depressing to see no real
>solutions. I spent many hours(days if you add it up) looking for solutions.
>Before I was on this forum, I had pretty much given up trying to understand
>my wifes' dilemma. Dr.Wiseman was bold(kind) enough to stick my address on
>this forum and that is why I hang out here too.
>Please feel cautious about unsolicted e-mail, but don't create an atmosphere
>of exclusivity.
>My wife has been thru every test 2-3 times. We have seen some of the more
>learned, respected doctors in our area. We have been treated well at times.
>We have been trashed too. We have few doctors locally that can help. Her PCP
>is the last one. Currently she sees a pain specialist that is kind enough to
>keep an open mind.
>She had an open MRI that showed back problems. She has had EVERY single
>painful episode described by everyone on this forum. She has been called
>depressed, addicted, sick, impossible, and hopeless by doctors that want to
>label her anything so they are let off the hook. She has a passive
>personality and they take advantage of that. I am the guard dog that stays
>by her side ready to take a chunk out of the next doctor that that tries to
>put a label on her. So with those happy thoughts, we keep a keen eye on this
>forum. May God help us all.

Hi Richard: Your post was great! Thank you. I especially like the guard dog bit. Everyone should have a guard dog. It's hard being the patient. I saw the e-mail that Michele is referring to and it was definitely not yours. I didn't think it was particularly threatening. Not that well written but it seemed well intentioned. When you use the Internet your e-mail address is open to anyone. I get all kinds of unsolicited e-mail. I also do genealogy so that's another source. I get porn and advertisements as well. I just delete them all. If the person seems legit I might send a brief note and refer them to an appropriate source. I never open attachments.

Chris S.

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