Re: filing for disability

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Wed Jun 16 08:40:04 1999

I know a couple of people who work for Social Security, and I have asked one (on behalf of others) in the past about applying. What she told me was that it is easiest when you have all kinds of documentation and a diagnosis is obvious-- pathology, x-rays, etc. Where they run into problems is when a condition can't be documented easily. Unfortunately, there is a lot of fraud out there as well, so that makes it more difficult for those who legitimately need help. She used the example of chronic back pain which a lot of people apply for, and is real, but is something that doesn't always show up on tests, so it's also the most common complaint for those trying to fake their way through. So SS will send you to their own doctors to make sure that it's real if you don't have what they consider enough documentation or an obvious problem. And what might be acceptable in one area might not be acceptable in another, depending on who is looking at the tests. Also, if you're in a more populated zone, it can take longer to process because of the work load. In this area it can take up to a year to get final approval. And usually, no news is good news. You'll hear it fairly quickly if you're denied. But you won't necessarily hear anything if you're approved up to the next level until it's time for your final hearing. Hope this helps.

Sue Ann

I too have filed for disability. I am in the process of retaining a Social Security Disability Consultant. My pcp has written a letter stating that "she continues to suffer chronic pelvic pain and abdominal pain as a result of chronic recurrent adhesions. She has failed to respond to multiple therapies in an attempt to ameliorate her problems. She remaines totally and permanently disabled." I will share any information I feel would be beneficial and if anyone else has info relating to filing disability, please post. I have worked for 25 years and all I want is the money I have paid into the system. I have always been a hard worker and enjoyed my position as a Customer Service Rep. for a major car company. I now find myself unable to work, all my energy goes into trying to stay out of the hospital and dealing with multiple chronic pain conditions. We have a wonderful opportunity to share information on this forum and for that I am grateful. Sherry

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