Update on my appointment with surgeon...

From: sherry (smgqueen@aol.com)
Tue Jun 15 08:38:13 1999

Hello everyone, I went to see my surgeon on Friday. After my hysterectomy I had developed some granulation tissue at the incision where the vagina was stitched up. I had started bleeding from that site and had laser surgery. My Dr. said everything looked good in that area finally. I had been bleeding for months after my hysterectomy. I told him that my pain of course was back, especially the pulling in my back. I also have pain especially on my right side where my appendix and ovary was removed. I am dealing with nausea and sharp pain on my left side which is intestinal related. My dr. was very interested in The Adhesion Society which I talked about. I told him for the first time I do not feel alone in this battle. I told him that I was not ready for surgery yet, since he has done all my adhesion surgeries, he knows me very well. He knows when I say it's time to go in, I know what I'm talking about. I am thankful for our relationship, it takes a lot of stress out of dealing with this problem if you have a doctor that you feel comfortable with. My biggest obstacle is to keep the intestines moving to avoid obstruction. I am taking mineral oil in my orange juice at bedtime. I am scheduled to go back to see him in 4 months. I just hope and pray. Sherry

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