Re: complications from adhesions?-Ginny

From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue Jun 15 05:32:56 1999

At Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>At Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Tina Shelby wrote:
>>i just wanted to let you know - when my adhesions were at their worst - I
>>has hospitalized for 4 days because of the severe pain and fever and
>>elevated white count. This happened three months in a row - every test in
>>the book was run and everything was "normal" I sent for my GI report and the
>>doc dictated that everything in the colon was normal. He also said that the
>>colon was fixed due to adhesions but he never acknowledged that the
>>adhesions were causing the pain - go figure!
>Did the Doctor take care of your adhesions on your colon? I just had a
>sigmoidoscopy last week looking for the cause of blood. Of course the
>test was normal as everything else has been. But I'll tell you what, I
>have never been in so much pain during a test during my life. I think
>he could have yanked my colon out through my nose and caused less pain.
>I asked if it could have been so painful because of adhesions and he
>just looked at me and said "you should be happy everything is normal". I
>am new to this forum am amazed that so many of us are having such
>similar experiences. I agree "Go figure!!!"
>Ginny King

Hi Ginny: I don't even know why doctors are ordering sigmoidoscopies anymore, especially when investigating bleeding. They are so incomplete-they only go up a portion of your colon. Bleeding could by coming from higher up. (I realize that when it gets really high up it becomes occult, unless you have a lot of it.) I think colonoscopy is the way to go. They sedate you for that. Apparently when I had mine it was very painful because the doc siad I was "letting them know" it was painful (I'm still wondering just how I did that) so they slipped me some more demerol and versed and I was out. Normally you are under what is called "conscious sedation" and are able to repond to them, but pain and awareness is diminished. My husband had one and he said it was like being given a guided tour of your colon (you watch on a monitor) with a funny, detached feeling. This is what I expected. Anyway, I was wondering like you if the adhesions which fixed the sigmoid colon was responsible for this pain. (of course, I didn't know about the adhesions yet so couldn't ask him this) At the second lap when they took down some adhesions they found out my sigmoid colon was pulled all the way over and stuck to the right pelvic wall. I wonder if this is the explanation for the pain-should he have gone to the right side of my body before going left? And shouldn't he have known that when he encountered resistance? Well, the colo-rectal guy said no, you get a very limited perspective in there. I'm more and more convinced that a colo-rectal specialist is the one to go to, instead of a GI doc, at least for the initial workup, when the colon is involved.

Chris S. >

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