Re: complications from adhesions?-Ginny

From: Ginny King (
Mon Jun 14 18:35:08 1999

At Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Tina Shelby wrote: >
>i just wanted to let you know - when my adhesions were at their worst - I
>has hospitalized for 4 days because of the severe pain and fever and
>elevated white count. This happened three months in a row - every test in
>the book was run and everything was "normal" I sent for my GI report and the
>doc dictated that everything in the colon was normal. He also said that the
>colon was fixed due to adhesions but he never acknowledged that the
>adhesions were causing the pain - go figure!

Did the Doctor take care of your adhesions on your colon? I just had a sigmoidoscopy last week looking for the cause of blood. Of course the test was normal as everything else has been. But I'll tell you what, I have never been in so much pain during a test during my life. I think he could have yanked my colon out through my nose and caused less pain. I asked if it could have been so painful because of adhesions and he just looked at me and said "you should be happy everything is normal". I am new to this forum am amazed that so many of us are having such similar experiences. I agree "Go figure!!!"

Ginny King

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