Re: complications from adhesions?-Ginny

From: Ginny King (
Tue Jun 15 17:29:30 1999

>Hi Ginny:
>I don't even know why doctors are ordering sigmoidoscopies anymore,
>especially when investigating bleeding. They are so incomplete-they
>only go up a portion of your colon. Bleeding could by coming from
>higher up. (I realize that when it gets really high up it becomes
>occult, unless you have a lot of it.)
>I think colonoscopy is the way to go. They sedate you for that.
>Apparently when I had mine it was very painful because the doc siad I
>was "letting them know" it was painful (I'm still wondering just how I
>did that) so they slipped me some more demerol and versed and I was out.
>Normally you are under what is called "conscious sedation" and are able
>to repond to them, but pain and awareness is diminished. My husband had
>one and he said it was like being given a guided tour of your colon (you
>watch on a monitor) with a funny, detached feeling. This is what I
>Anyway, I was wondering like you if the adhesions which fixed the
>sigmoid colon was responsible for this pain. (of course, I didn't know
>about the adhesions yet so couldn't ask him this) At the second lap when
>they took down some adhesions they found out my sigmoid colon was pulled
>all the way over and stuck to the right pelvic wall. I wonder if this
>is the explanation for the pain-should he have gone to the right side of
>my body before going left? And shouldn't he have known that when he
>encountered resistance? Well, the colo-rectal guy said no, you get a
>very limited perspective in there.
>I'm more and more convinced that a colo-rectal specialist is the one to
>go to, instead of a GI doc, at least for the initial workup, when the
>colon is involved.
>Chris S.

Hi Chris,

I have had a colonoscopy as well which showed no abnormal results. The bleeding I am having is occult. They did give me drugs for the colonoscopy and I faired very well with that test. I sure wish they had done that for the sig. I'm not sure either why they did this test since the bleeding is coming from a higher source, but my CT scan did not show anything either. I am going to my pcp to see if I can get a referral to a colo-rectal specialist as you suggested. Thanks and take care. Ginny

Ginny King

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