Re: Feeling Lousy

From: Ginny King (
Mon Jun 14 18:47:36 1999

At Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Peggy wrote: >
>Isn't it terrble when we hope that they find something when doing tests?
>Just in the past 2 weeks I am having quite a bit of pain again,I am
>waiting for the Dr. to call me back.He was is surgery all morning but
>was going to be in the office this afternoon .I'm not sure what he can
>do for me at this point.My last lysis was only 6 weeks ago.My husbands
>work picnic was at a theme park yesterday and with all the walking we
>did I did not have a very good night.I woke up around 3:30 with such a
>sharp pain in my left side I thought i would have to wake my husband to
>take me to the E R but the pain subsided after about 1/2 hour .Isn't
>life wonderful? Sorry ,but you girls are the only ones that understand
>whats going on .And today I am in a very low mood.Thanks for all your

I hope you are feeling a little better. There is nothing worse than waiting for the doctor to call you back, unless it's being told all is normal. I wonder how many of us are declared "depressed". I don't believe the depression comes first; its because we are in so much pain. Why can't they understand? You have my support. Best wishes. Ginny

Ginny King

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