Re: Adhesions and Spinal Surgery

From: Laura Newman (
Mon Jun 14 16:46:45 1999

Dr. Wiseman, I have adhesions on my spine following a rhizotomy (sp?) that was thought to "cure" me. When it was over, I had to learn to walk again, worry about infection, and, whether or not it worked. Well, it hasn't; I have more pain than I had BEFORE the surgery; and, now I have problems walking without tipping over (if I don't "concentrate" on my steps) and I cannot run. My friends call me either "mug bait" or a "weebell". Tell anyone considering this alternative to think about it long and hard; I had all the tests before having it done, the shots that burn real bad in the spine to find the right nerve (and let me tell you, I did some of my best hollering during that stuff) and I had to go through this four times so he could be sure he would be cutting the right nerves. I hope this helps.

>>> David Wiseman <> 05/20 8:26 AM >>>
I am interested in hearing from anyone who has has back or spinal surgery and has developed pain due to adhesions. Please post your message here or email me directly.

I am interested to hear about any web sites that deal with subject.

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