Chris -regarding back pain

From: Ronna (
Mon Jun 14 16:22:30 1999

I just had a CT Scan today.I was complaing of pain I have a history ofendo and ahesions My internist says pelvic pain can come fromback He wantedmeto have a plevis,abd...and lumber scan. To cover the whole picture.

Just wanted you to know that another doctor thought the same as yours......

I personaly do no think any of my pelvic pain is coming from back. The only back pain I get is when I am getting my period.

I had the pelvic ,and abd said if he did the lumbar scan now would not give him the reuslts he needs because of the prep of other 2 interfers with medication that has to be taken......He says he can get enough of lumber on scan....and if doctor want more I will have to come back........

>From what I have read on my reportthere is no herniated disk disease on
my scan.

all is normal..except for cyst seen in left ovary.

I will speak to internist tomorrow......

good luck with your MRI....I am curious to read your results


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