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From: Christine M. Smith (
Mon Jun 14 17:59:56 1999

At Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Ronna wrote: >
>I just had a CT Scan today.I was complaing of pain I have a history
>ofendo and ahesions My internist says
>pelvic pain can come fromback
>He wantedmeto have a plevis,abd...and lumber scan. To cover the whole
>Just wanted you to know that another doctor thought the same as
>I personaly do no think any of my pelvic pain is coming from back. The
>only back pain I get is when I am getting my period.
>I had the pelvic ,and abd said if he did the lumbar scan
>now would not give him the reuslts he needs because of the prep of
>other 2 interfers with medication that has to be
>taken......He says he can get enough of lumber on scan....and if doctor
>want more I will have to come back........
>>From what I have read on my reportthere is no herniated disk disease on
>my scan.
>all is normal..except for cyst seen in left ovary.
>I will speak to internist tomorrow......
>good luck with your MRI....I am curious to read your results
>RonnaHi Ronna:

Thank you for the encouraging words. I have back pain most of the time (but it started after April 8th when I had a gyn appt. I did not have it then, although I had some of the "nighttime attacks") It is not the same type of pain I remember when I had periods. That was more of a generalized ache. This is very specific pain. Another weird thing is that it actually improves by standing up and walking around. I only get the severe attacks while lying down and only during the night. My doctor said the getting up part was consistent with some lumbar spine conditions but did not elaborate.

I have yet to find anything on the Internet or other doctors forums that say that a back problem can cause ONLY abdominal (or pelvic) pain. Yet I know someone who this actually happened to. She did have a bad back which she new about, so she probably had back pain at the time of the incident, but what brought her to the ER was excruciating abdominal (low) pain. They did all the usual tests, all negative. They called her doctor who told them it was her back. They didn't xray her back. She later had an MRI ordered by her doctor which showed a congenital defect in the spine.

Thanks again,

Chris >

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