Re: Some days ... Chris s. & Helen D.

From: Denise Olson (
Mon Jun 14 13:49:02 1999

Hi Chris And Helen!

Thank you both so much for your response. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have contact with others who really understand!! It just about brings tears to my eyes. Helen, I want to thank you so much for your continuing to write me until I could find my way here over several months. I appreciate you sharing your story, more than you can know. Chris, Today is Monday,I truly hope and pray that you will get some answers. You are right about knowing what your limitations are. The last time I wrote I spoke with a friend who also is a counselor. She told me to make a list of what I could do. Thats on my agenda today. I understand what you are talking about when you said that it was better when you knew or "thought" you had a diagnosis. I've been there. Let us know how things go, and I will pray for you! Denise

>Hi Denise:
>I can't say that I'm coping very well. I'm still on the roller coaster
>ride called "trying to get a diagnosis." (I was doing better when I was
>100 % sure it was adhesions, believe it or not!) It's been going on for
>2 years. Do I dare get my hopes up about the MRI I am having on Monday
>(and even if something shows up on it, will they be able to do anything
>about it?) or is this going to be another "well,it's not that." I tried
>exercise because they tell you that's good for you-raises your
>endorphins. Well, it made me worse. I started a heart healthy diet and
>what do I get-major bowel problems from the increase in fiber.
>I've found that admitting that there are limitations in what you can
>accomplish helps. I only work 20 hours per week and I turn down all
>"offers" to work extra, except under very unusual circumstances. You
>have to get the sleep disturbances under control because sleep
>deprivation will effect everything else.
>Chris S.

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