Re: Some days are better than others....

From: Laura Newman (
Thu Jun 17 13:07:14 1999

Hello Denise and welcome to the forum!!!!!!! My thoughts are that you cope sometimes because you have to. I HAVE to work because my husband does not make enough for us to live on. I don't know how much longer I can take this though - I have am thinking of filing SSD but I am not sure I can quit work and wait for it to be approved. I got someone's message the other day that said that depending on where you live (I'm in Maryland), it could take up to one year. That's way too long for us to wait, especially if I am not working. I am 44 (45 in September) and am a legal secretary (super high stress). Everyday, people in the office come up to me and say stuff like "you look so good" or "you don't look like you're in pain" and sometimes I jjust want to slap a headache on them. I am NOT a violent person but sometimes you are in so much pain at a particular moment that you are lucky to be STANDING let alone have to deal with those kinds of comments. What I wish we could all do is when someone makes those kinds of statements, we could go "poof" and let them experience for one half hour, what we go through. Talk about compassion for us then!!!!!!!! It just seems like if people don't see us writhing in pain on the floor, our pain is not that severe. What they don't know is we all could get Oscars for "Performance of a Normal Person Under Tremendous Pain" and win hands down!!!!!! I am so sorry I am taking your first posting and jumping up on a soapbox but I am having a bad pain day today and so far 3 people have come to me and said "Laura! You look like you aren't feeling too good!" and I just want to cry!!!!!!! Let me go now, but anytime you want to chat one-on-one, just e-mail me up!

>>> Denise Olson <> 06/12 12:49 AM >>>

Hello everyone... I am a 40yr old female who has wall to wall adhesions in my abdomen. This week has been really hard on me. Even with my pain medicine, I've had that constant pain. I'm not able to work full time,( I am a counselor)I work on call I look at my house and it could use a good spring cleaning. Well, thats not really the issue. The issue is that I cant do the things that I once was able to do. And thats what bothers me. Most days I dont even think about.... well, not most days. The pain has been waking me up at night. Well, I guess I would really like to know how some of you women cope with this? Today isn't the best. Thanks for being there. Denise Olson Seattle

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