Re: complications from adhesions

From: sherry (
Sun Jun 13 21:56:13 1999

When I went to have my colonoscopy, my complaints to the specialist were; severe constipation, fullness under my ribs,(I couldn't even bend down to tie my shoes), fever and rectal bleeding. The doctor did the colonoscopy and said everything looked ok. I knew it wasn't ok, so I persisted. He then ordered an upper GI series and a barium enema. I remember being there from morning till evening until the liquid I drank was through my intestines. Everyone else that came for the test after me was gone and I was still there waiting. Still they didn't see a problem. My surgeon did a laparoscopy that turned into a laparotomy due to adhesions wrapped around my intestines. I then suffered bowel obstructions. I knew I wasn't crazy although I was starting to feel that way before my surgery. My point is this, adhesions cannot be detected with any tests. The doctor has to go in to see them. I am so glad that I found a surgeon that listens to me and that I trust. Sometimes you have to go from doctor to doctor before you find one you feel comfortable with. Never give up!!! Sherry

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