Complications from Adhesions?

From: Ginny King (
Sat Jun 12 21:04:34 1999

I have had surgery (including a hysterectomy) for adenomyosis and adhesions. I have had pain in my right side that is unbearable in the area of the appendix. The doctor during my surgery did not look at anything exept my uterus. Since then I have gone through a number of doctors that don't seem to be able to help. Most won't even answer my questions as to whether adhesions could be causing this chronic pain. All GI tests come back normal and I continue to get the pat on the head and told to reduce the stress in my life. To complicate matters, I have recurrent "infections" two to three times a year that cause the pain in my side to become worse along with intestinal bleeding, elevated white blood cell counts and blood in the urine. All of this is of course in my head. Is there anyone out there that has had anything similar? Any response would be appreciated as I am feeling very alone at this moment.

Ginny King

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